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TrackJack GO! with route registration

Vanaf € 148,00

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Small in stature.
Big on functionality.

The TrackJack GO! contains everything you would expect from our GPS trackers:

  • Conclusive mileage and trip registration
  • Export to Excel and PDF
  • GPS tracking for current locations
  • Tamper notification
  • Effective in minutes!
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TrackJack GO! 4G hardware   + € 99,00

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TrackJack GO! with route registration
TrackJack GO! with route registration

Op voorraad

€ 148,00


    The Best OBD GPS Tracker on the Market.

    The Future is Here

    The TrackJack GO! is the GPS tracker with all the functionalities you'd expect from a GPS tracker, and you can install it all by yourself! The TrackJack GO! features comprehensive mileage registration, GPS track & trace capabilities, and sabotage notifications.

    Comprehensive Mileage Registration. Just as the Tax Authorities Want to See.

    The TrackJack GO! keeps your mileage registration comprehensive and includes all the data the Tax Authorities want to know. This includes exact mileage readings, addresses, personal or business use, and more. With just a press of a button, you'll have an Excel or PDF ready to submit to the tax authorities or your accountant.

    No Hassle Installations. Plug and Play on the OBD2.

    For the installation of your next GPS tracker, you don't need anyone else but yourself. You can install this system yourself on the OBD2 port of your vehicle. Keeping track of your mileage registration has never been easier! Don't know where the OBD port of your car is located? We're here to help. Let us know which car you drive, and our experts will tell you where to find it.

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