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TrackJack Endurance 2

Vanaf € 218,95

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  • Global 4G GPS tracking
  • Up to 5 years with one battery
  • View location online or via the Smartphone app
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP66)
  • No power supply required, the Endurance is mobile
  • Suitable for vehicles, vessels, containers, equipment and other objects. 
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1 x TrackJack Endurance 2 Hardware   + € 179,00
1 x Service 1 jaar   + € 39,95

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TrackJack Endurance 2
TrackJack Endurance 2

Op voorraad

€ 218,95


    GPS Tracking up to 5 Years with a Single Battery!

    • Worldwide GPS Tracking
    • Battery Life up to 5 Years
    • View Location Online or via the Smartphone App
    • Waterproof and Dustproof (IP66)
    • No Power Supply Needed, the Endurance is Mobile
    • Suitable for GPS Tracking of Containers, Equipment, Vehicles, and boats
    • Online Account and Smartphone App

    Online Account and Smartphone App

    Wherever you are, you can always log in online to view the location of the TrackJack Endurance GPS tracker. This can be done through an online account on your computer or on the go via the Smartphone app for iOS and Android. No licenses or software installations, everything is online from the cloud. Software updates are also performed online at no cost.

    Worldwide GPS Tracking

    With the TrackJack Endurance GPS tracker equipped with a 4G modem and an integrated roaming SIM card, you always have coverage with the strongest provider. This SIM card is provider-independent. If, for example, KPN experiences an outage, the GPS tracker immediately switches to another provider to ensure it remains operational and can continue transmitting locations.

    Difficult to Find by Tracking Devices

    When objects are stolen, a GPS detector is often used to locate the GPS tracker, possibly combined with a GPS jammer to disable the GPS tracker. However, because this long-lasting GPS tracker sends out a location and then immediately goes into sleep mode, it is difficult to trace this GPS tracker because no data is being transmitted. GPS jammers are often used temporarily to disrupt the connection but are then turned off after the theft. The TrackJack Endurance GPS tracker can continue transmitting data afterward.

    Choose How Often You Want to Receive a Location

    Upon purchase of the TrackJack Endurance GPS tracker, you can choose whether you want to receive a location 1, 2, 4, or 12 times a day. The battery lasts for 5 years if the TrackJack Endurance sends out a location once a day.

    Location Transmission & Battery Life

    • 1x per day: 5 years standby time
    • 2x per day: 2.5 years standby time
    • 4x per day: 1.5 years standby time
    • 12x per day: 100 days standby time


    Mounting Not applicable, it is a mobile GPS tracker
    Battery Internal – Up to 5 years standby
    Simcard Internal
    GPS Internal
    GPRS Internal, 4g
    Weight 166 gr
    Seal IP66 – Waterproof and dustproof
    Dimensions 10,8 x 5,8 x 3,4 cm
    What's in the box? TrackJack Endurance, mounting screws, Allen key, system code.
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